November 23, 2021 IDÉ Banking Media

Idébanken Media (World online Sverige AB) offers services and products within the framework of marketing, web design, app development, etc. The company is part of Idébanken Sverige AB, which offers business services to startups and SMEs

The company currently collaborates with a number of partners in different countries and therefore offers its services outside Sweden as well.

The company has recently gone through a new share issue where we have increased capital and the number of shares. The goal is for Idébanken Media to be listed on the stock exchange in 2022.

The tasks mainly focus on the stock exchange listing, where networking, finding new partners and carrying out concrete activities together with management from other countries are important parts of everyday life.

You must have experience and knowledge of startups, growth companies and the industry as well as a strong network with good credentials.

It is desirable if you also have experience of working internationally. Therefore, mastering the Swedish language as well as English is important.
We are a team of entrepreneurs with extensive experience from various industries and startups. We give you all the support you need to succeed in your position as CEO. At the same time, we want you to be passionate about startups, entrepreneurship and reaching heights that others find impossible to reach!
If you have questions or want to send your CV and personal letter to us, please contact
For more information about us, please visit our website: The website is under regular update. We are also recruiting other positions for the company.