A company whose brand and vision give positive associations is something to strive for. With a focus on what exactly you have to offer and how you as a company can strengthen your brand, search is optimized online, improve and expand the contact areas, and to work on the company's financial communication, we jointly reach your wishes. We help and advise you on how your company should be able to progress. Book a personal meeting so we can find out how we can best help you.

Web productions

We create quality and user-friendly websites in top class, tailored to the customer's needs. It is extremely important for a growth company to have a good first impression, which is now happening online. A stable, functionally user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing website arouses the interest of future customers and partners. Contact us for more information or to book a personal meeting. We at IDÉ banken media possess the right experience and the commitment required to be able to offer the perfect website for you and your company.

Social Media

Today, social media is a large part of organizations' communication and interaction in today's society. In order for your company or brand to be visible and to keep it current and interesting, communication via social media is very important. With our help, you get the opportunity to develop your digital network and market your company and message.

Graphic production

That a picture or a photo says more than a thousand words is not unknown to most people. What do you want to convey? Together with you and your wishes, we create a clear and well-turned result where your company's characteristics and graphic profile converge in a tasteful way. A carefully developed logo that is noticeably associated with the company and its content takes the business to a new level.

App development

A well-functioning and modernly developed app that fills the right functions on devices for both iOS and Android is in demand. Optimizing your website for mobile and tablet or implementing a vision and launching it digitally gives a technical edge. The mobile internet traffic is used more frequently than the computer, so being available via the app or mobile version of the website gives a serious, trendy and professional impression. Whatever your needs, we will help you. We have stylish, efficient and manageable solutions, of course completely tailored to your needs.

Video presentations

A video is very useful when it comes to reaching out with a company presentation or a guide, for example via social media. We help you with everything from start to finished creation. Pre-tasks such as planning, sound and lighting are a great basis for a good job and an impeccable recording. We are responsible for editing and all types of finishing required to give a professional result.


Regardless of what the photographs are to be used for, quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to our photo jobs. We highlight what is important to you.

  • Portraits and group photos
  • Environmental photos
  • Product photography
  • Drone photo
  • Genrebilder

Annual reports

Publishing annual reports is mandatory for a company and is a publication that will be on the company's website for a long time. It is therefore a golden opportunity to build the brand and attract new customers and investors with designs that lift the message.